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With ™CMS mywork is possible to realize: Websites - Updatable Websites - ECommerce - Web Portals and effectuate the Website Positiong on Serch Engines

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  • Institutional Web Site created with ™ CMS mywork

    Institutional Web Site created with ™ CMS mywork


  • CMS SEO Friendly, CMS User friendly

    CMS SEO Friendly, CMS User friendly


  • CMS SEO Friendly, CMS User friendly

    CMS SEO Friendly, CMS User friendly



™ CMS mywork is a CMS Oriented SEO, SEO Friendly, SEO Optimized to enable the realization of professional websites and managing websites easy and intuitive.

No need too much technical knowledge to build your own website or to manage it. In a few minutes will be able to make your website online and customize it easily by following with our instructions online.

You want to be visible to the first places on search engines? This is what everyone wish and of which is the Company want do it for increase their market to finding new Customer on the web.

With ™ CMS mywork you will have available on your CMS management to manage all the pages of your website the ability to customize the placement on the search engines you want to target independently, without plugin difficult to install, but simply by writing the keywords " keywords "with which you want to position your website in the content of your website. Everything else will handle by ™ CMS mywork .

What is ™CMS mywork?

™ CMS mywork is a professional CMS to allow not only to manage the text contents and graphics of your website, but also to be placed on the search engines and have a management platform CMS more safe than traditional Open Source CMS like Wordpress, Joomla , etc ...

Why choose ™ CMS mywork?

Why choose ™ CMS mywork? CMS mywork offer many advantages more than others traditional Open Source CMS, first of all the security.

™ CMS mywork can say a better secure CMS, the others Open Source CMS are insecure by the simple reason that why they are open source, so anyone who has the source code can  be access for these CMS consequently hackers and criminals having access to source code, thet have perfectly knowledge of how to force the Open Source CMS and therefore they are able to access your website and modify it or damage it at will without any problems. Instead ™ CMS mywork being a proprietary CMS, the bad guys can't access to the source code, and therefore is more secure than traditional Open Source CMS.

™ CMS mywork is a SEO Friendly CMSSEO Oriented and Optimized. Every day more and more it is important to be on the web, but there is not enough (have a website). It is important to be visible today, and then be placed on the search engines or be on the first page of Google and other search engines. ™ CMS mywork is designed to position your website on the search engines in any generally treated. With ™ CMS mywork you can being visible, and index your website on Google and other search engines.

™ CMS mywork is a Multilanguage CMS. With ™ CMS mywork you can manage your website not only in Italian, but also in other languages, with the opportunity not only to enable additional languages and translate them manually, but also can use automatic translator and translate automatically all content of your website. 

™ CMS mywork is integrated with many different layouts available to graphically build your website and to be able to change even with a simple click. ™ CMS mywork is available. Being accessible means the CMS Management and with the ™ CMS mywork you will create an accessible website or usable in all its functions, by all major browsers and devices (Computers: Windows and Mac OSX, Browser: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, etc ...), including mobile (Tablet and Smarphone: iOS, Android, Windows Phone / RT).

™ CMS mywork offers different layouts graphic available and customizable. With a simple click you can change the layout of your website, all responsive and can even customize the colors and finishes of the details. Are you tired of the graphics of your site? Change it with a click!

™ CMS mywork is responsive. All available layout graphics to create your website are fully responsive, Each layout has the responsive graphics to adapt automatically to the Computer, Laptop, Tablet (horizontal and vertical), Smartphone. Also, the administrative management of ™ CMS mywork is fully responsive to allow you to manage your website from any device with usability and speed even by a simple smartphone.

CMS mywork is easy to use. Most of the CMS unfortunately probably even if  have been invented to allow those who do not know programming languages to manage their website, actually are not as easy to use and often see websites incomplete, filled with errors and abandoned, as the site manager finds it difficult to customize and manage the website. With ™ CMS mywork instead will have a easy and intuitive platform to allow you to easily manage your web pages without any complications.

™ CMS mywork offers online booking for HotelsFarm HolidaysRestaurantsProfessionalsCompanies and Artisans . With ™ CMS mywork, you can manage your online reservations through a booking management for your business. With the booking of  CMS myworkbooking online customizable in its functions, you can manage your company and your reservations online, saving time and being able to manage your reservations even from your smartphone.

™ CMS mywork is also a professional E-Commerce platform for sell online. With ™ CMS mywork you can manage all the web catalog for your ecommerce to sell online or simply as a catalog to expose your products on the web on your website. The management of integrated professional Ecommerce on ™ CMS mywork is designed to help you sell your products online on your website easily, even from your smartphone.

™ CMS mywork is a modular CMS. With ™ CMS mywork don't need to worry about which path will follow tomorrow your Company on web. Now you can focus your energies to manage the contents of your website and if tomorrow you want to manage your reservations online or sell your products don't have to worry; in a few seconds you can activate the sections dedicated to managet the reservations online or to sell your products and manage everything with simplicity, even from your smartphone.

A SEO Friendly CMS is a CMS that allows search engines to correctly read the website content and then placing it in the top positions on search engines. But what is a CMS? A CMS or "Content Management System", is a software, generally web, ...

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CMS mywork is a Multilanguage CMS. With CMS mywork you can manage your website not only in Italian, but also in other languages, with the opportunity not only to enable additional languages and... discover now
™ CMS mywork offers different layouts available and customizable. With a simple click you can change the layout of your website, all responsive and can even customize the colors... discover now
CMS mywork allows you to manage your whole website also from your tablet or your smartphone as the backoffice section is fully responsive using by your last generation smartphone... discover now
CMS mywork is also a professional E-Commerce platform to sell online. With CMS mywork, you can manage all the catalog for your web ecommerce to sell online or simply as a catalog to... discover now
Have you need to manage online reservations and appointments? CMS mywork is integrates a booking platform on the website... discover now
All graphics layout for CMS mywork are completely responsive to adapt to all the Desktop Computers Versions... discover now
All the layouts graphic for CMS mywork are fully responsive for all the tablets versions to adapt automatically in vertical... discover now
All layouts for ™ CMS mywork are fully responsive to adapt automatically to all the version smartphones resolutions... discover now

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